Vision & Mission

One God ~ One Family ~ One Church

Our vision can be simply summed up with the word ONE

Enlarge your house you are going to need a bigger place, don’t under estimate the amount of room you’ll need. So build, build, build. You will increase in every direction to fill the world. Your offspring will take over the nations, your people will revitalise long abandoned town.
All are welcome at our house, we are a family and our house has big doors. We want everyone no matter their back to feel welcome at house of grace, everyone is welcome to be part of us for how every long the feel, one service or more regular.


For the Lord our God is one

We believe as the bible says there is one God, many other religions have many gods for different things but as the bible says God one we have one God for everything. One God to worship, One God to listen to, One God for healing, One God for freedom, One God for ALL!
Everything we do as a community of people is because of Him and everything we do must point to Him. We want each and every person to encounter Gods presence and all of Him will be the centre of all we do Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We know its only His presence that changes things. We exists to build His Kingdom and make Him famous


We want to be a ONE for all house, a place people can come when they are in need, broken, rejected, hurting etc. We don’t focus on social action but LOVE in action. We believe Love looks like something and we need to show people Jesus not just tell them about Him.
The Bible calls us a body, us being the church because of this we believe strongly in unity and that we must compliment one another not compete with one another. As a leadership team we work together on every step we take being led by Holy Spirit.



That each person would be welcomed with open arms, where they are at and given the opportunity to encounter The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.



Bringing Hope, Inspiring Change

Our mission to bring hope and inspire change mean bring the good news in very practical ways. Since we launched we have been working hard to alleviate poverty and suffering both locally and internationally. The majority of our work is based in our local community, The Dearne Valley in an area that has been struggling in the top 10% for poverty for around three decades the need is vast.